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Re: zsh script can't find zsh binary?

mason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> This isn't the problem here.  The limit is 64 characters, and the
> message for exceeding this is: "exec format error". (It has nothing
> to do with the kernel ) Another possibility could be that the
> program's not in his path, and he should do ./cf.zsh

I believe the limit is sizeof(struct exec) which depends on
sizeof(long): it's usually 8 longs which is 64 bytes on the Alpha but
32 bytes on suns.

The error message is indeed indistinguishable from the one you get if
the file itself doesn't exist.  I was complaining about this a couple
of months ago.  It would be much more consistent for it to return
"exec format error" --- then zsh would start the interpreter itself
and all would be sweetness and light (the code's already there) ---
but in fact it doesn't.

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