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Re: Z-Shell Frequently-Asked Questions (monthly posting)

> Just one addition here: foo=* assignment assigns the list of files in the
> current directory as an array to foo if there are at least two matches, or if
> there is a single file in the directory, foo becames a scalar whose value is
> the name of that file. Other Bourne shells does not glob the right hand side
> of assignments. In my releases the default behaviour is to not glob here, but
> this can be changed by setting the GLOB_ASSIGN option.
> >     The $((...)) version of numeric evaluation was not available before
> >       version 2.6 (use $[...]).
> And even in vanila 2.6 $((...)) is done after fork, hence if used as an
> argument to an external program, assignments inside $((...) has no effect. Of
> course this bug is also fixed in my release.

Both of these will be fixed in the baseline before the production release.  I
haven't forgotten about them.  Whether you believe this or not, I've been
working on zsh 6 or 7 days a week.  I may not be fast, but I try to do things

Richard Coleman

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