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Re: USERNAME bug zsh-2.6-beta9

> > "%n" should show the username of the uid running the shell in my opinion as
> > that's what current privileges are in effect.  I guess this qualifies as a
> > minor change from the way it's documented, and it was just "wrong" for so
> > long I got used to it showing name of current uid.  Which beta release did
> > that actually get "fixed"...about b7?
> I think it only came in in beta9. It happend when init.c started using
> getlogin(). It used that well before beta9, but an other bug prevented it
> working.

This is changed in beta10.  USERNAME always comes from pswd->pw_name
now.  Also USERNAME is now magical so that if you are root, executing


will change the username and uid the shell is executing under.  Also,
as root, you can execute command under other usernames/uid by

USERNAME=nobody command.

I'm putting the finishing touches on beta10.  There have been a lot of
internal changes and code reorganization.


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