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buildzsh problem

	First of all, hello, I'm not on this list, but wouldn't mind
being added (if I need to do a seperate mail to a request line let me

	I just grabbed zsh-2.5.03 but unfortunately I don't have root
access, so I have to install it in my home directory.  Therefore I
tried a build with:
		./buildzsh INSTDIR=/nfs/cleo/home/shr ETCDIR=/nfs/cleo/home/shr 
The INSTDIR parameter appeared to have no affect, and a make install
would still try to deal with /usr/local
	I got it to work with the following build:
		./buildzsh INSTDIR=/nfs/cleo/home/shr ETCDIR=/nfs/cleo/home/shr BINDIR=/nfs/cleo/home/shr/bin MANDIR=/nfs/cleo/home/shr/man/man1

But a 'make install' bombs out when it attempts to do the make.info

1) INSTDIR appears not to work at all, or at least not as described in
./buildzsh help

2) Is there anyway to specify where to put the info files?


PS  Should a basic goto the beta release?  How often would the beta
really give me trouble?

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author