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Re: Serious HP-UX problem ! Shell hangs !

> > This is a *serious* HP-UX 9 problem of the zsh, which it didn't have
> > with previous versions (not with beta6 at least).
> > 
> >   Situation :
> > 
> >   $ sleep 10 (any process will do)
> >   [Ctrl-Z] 
> >   zsh: 16763 suspended  sleep 10
> >   $ sleep 5 (any process)
> >   *hang*
> > 
> > Fiddling with gdb shows that we are hanging in sigsuspend(), which is
> > called exactly once: signals.c with POSIX_SIGNALS defined.
> This is a quite old problem (it is present at least since beta6). It is OS
> dependent, and it is also present on ULTRIX. As I remember it appeared after
> Richard rewrote the signals code. He promised to fix that.

I don't have any HP or DEC machines, so it is difficult for me to
track down.  Does this still happen if you change POSIX_SIGNALS to
BSD_SIGNALS?  It might be bugs in the Posix code for these machines.
If this fixes it, I can just force configure to use BSD signals on
these machines.


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