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Segfault on a Sun 3/220

Hello all out there...

I'm using an ols Sun 3/220 with SunOS 4.0 and Zsh 2.3.1.  Zsh works
great for root, but I'm trying to set up some other accounts on it in
preparation for bringing it up on the net, which in this system means
editing the passwd file manually.  Now, when I try to log in as
someone else (say user "chag"), I get the following:

bokhara login: chag

<motd displayed>

zsh: segmentation fault

and I'm back at the login prompt.  I don't think this is a permissions
problem, although I may be wrong, because I got the message "no shell"
a while back because the permissions were set screwy so I just made
them all world-read/execute.  This behavior does not seem to effect
the other shells on the machine (csh and sh, *bleagh*), and 16 Mb of
memory ought to be enough to not have memory problems, right?  (with
70 Mb swap to back that up).  How would I go about diagnosing/fixing
this problem?  Thanks in advance to all helpful shellpeople.

chag@xxxxxxxxxxxx  *  http://darwin.clas.virginia.edu/~nmj3e/  *  UVA
				Lowry's law:
If it jams -- force it.  If it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.

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