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Re: Compctl fixes & a query

A.Main@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> On a separate matter, does anyone ever use the numerical equals
> expansion?

Yes, but tildes would be more in keeping with other syntax for
directories (~+ and ~- being sort of tied to the directory stack
anyway): also, there's no good reason for associating this behaviour
with the noequals option as is currently the case.  If implemented
properly it would even allow trailing characters after a number to be
a separate directory name, since only a / or end of word would be a
separator, unlike the present case with =<num>.  At the moment, it
doesn't look like ~<num> works at all, i.e. even with `hash -d 1 dir',
so there aren't compatibility problems there (in fact there's a bug,
since the directory will appear as ~1 in the stack).

We could possibly kludge =<num> followed by a slash or space where
<num> is not a command for the time being, but maybe going straight to
tildes is the right thing.

Now I've got my working directory called ~1, which I can't alter...

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