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zsh 'running wild' after connection loss...


May be this is an old FAQ-Problem, but I never could find out...

If I work via telnet/rlogin/(tcp/ip)
	and have set 'ignoreeof'
	and the connection is lost
	(and mostly while the 'zsh' is waiting for a running program),
THEN the 'ZSH' loops forever
	in 'read(0)' getting nothing from it's 'tty'.

The real problem is the waste of CPU-Time. The 'zsh' uses
100% of the CPU-time (for nothing :-) and the users complain.

Is there a patch for this problem, or does somebody have something
like one of the following (in order of preference :-) :
	a) a check for 'closed tty' after 'waiting for a child' ?
	b) a timeout (loop only for <adjustable> minutes)
	c) a loopcount (give up after <adjustable> times reading nothing)
	d) a slowdown (to retry slowly after reading 'nothing) ?

In the moment we use 'zsh-2.5.0c' on Sunos 4.1.3 and Solaris 2.4.

Thanks for bothering with this,
		Sincerely your's   Stucki
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