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zsh bugs

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have just installed zsh ver 2.5.03 on our system and encountered a
perculiar bug.  Apparently the zsh process doesn't get kill when we send
a SIGHUP (15) message to it.  Some of our users log off from our system 
by killing their windows which then send the SIGHUP messages to the zsh.  But
since the zsh doesn't die from this, it becomes a wild processes and continue
to consume to CPU process.  Eventually, these wild processes accumulates and
render the system useless.

The last version that we installed (zsh-2.3.1) didn't have this problem.  Can
you suggest a solution or patches for us?

One of the solution that we found was by putting the following line in 
the .zshrc file:

    function TRAPTERM       # signal 15
        fc -W $HISTFILE

However, we really don't want to change everyone's .zshrc file.  Perhaps
you can offer us a better solution.


Roy Limley

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author