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Three Bugs/Problems and a Requested Feature

These 3 bugs show up in beta 10, hzoli 10.1, hzoli 10.1 with some recent patches

OPTIONS: autocd correctall cshjunkieloops hashcmds hashdirs hashlistall
interactive login mailwarning menucomplete monitor nolistbeep notify
pathdirs shinstdin zle

1.  Auto correct bug (Most important to me :)

> mkdir /tmp/mpt
> mpt=/tmp/mpt
> cd ~mpt  # This works
> ~mpt 
OUTPUT: beta 10 and hzoli 10.1
   zsh: correct '~mpt' to 'mt' [nyae]

OUTPUT: hzoli 10.1 with patches
   zsh: correct '

Obviously it should just cd into the directory, and does this with most
of my named directories.  But not with ones that "can" be corrected to
something else.

2. WATCHFMT doesn't seem to support Bold anymore!  Stopped working
   with beta9 or beta10 I believe, hzoli inherited the problem.

 "That %B%n%b has %a (%l)..." 

3. named directories sometimes don't show the shortest path.  Happens

> maps=/tmp/maps
> mpt1=~maps/mpt1
> mpt2=~mpt1/mpt2
> mpt3=~mpt2/mpt3
> cd ~mpt3

OUTPUT of "%~" will show different things.  ie
   >  ~mpt3   # Correct
   >  ~maps/mpt1/mpt2/mpt3   # Not the shortest one
   >  ~mpt2/mpt3   # Not the shortest one

I have many many named directories if that matters.


At the autocorrect prompted I have always "dreamed" of being able to
hit "c" for change.  Which would put me in "change mode" for the
word that needs to be fixed.  Kind of like "cw" in vi.  So say
I had "tcat thisisahzolifilethathasareallylongname.tar.gz | tar xf -

Currently it might try to correct that "tcat" to "cat" instead of 
"zcat".  So I would need to do a "e" for edit, and then arrow over or
hit "ESC0ecw". It would be nice to be able to hit 'c' have it do basicly
a vi-ish "cw" on the word "tcat", since it already knew thats what needed
to be corrected. Don't know if this makes any sense, if it is really hard,
but I would use it all the time.
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