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zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.2 released

zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.2 can be ftp'ed from the directory

The file names, sizes and dates:

-rw-r--r--    400082 Aug  2 22:56 zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.2-RCS.tar.gz
-rw-r--r--    129252 Aug  2 20:52 zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.2-diff.gz
-rw-r--r--    605119 Aug  2 22:55 zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.2.tar.gz

This release contains most of the patches sent to the zsh-workers list
before 2 Aug 1995. For developers I'd recommend the RCS version. If you want
to use that, get the original beta10 sources and unpack
zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.2-RCS.tar.gz in its main directory. Check out the
files with

co -f **/RCS/*(:s@RCS/@@:s/\,v//)

This only works if you already use zsh. If you don't you can do a

co -f RCS/*

in each subdirectory and in the main directory.
The RCS file contains only the changes since beta10. In each RCS file the
1.1 revision is the original beta10 version. Each patch is checked in with a
short comment describing the contents of the patch.

The file zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.2-diff.gz contains a patch which can be
applied to the original zsh-2.6-beta10 version.

I attach the list of changes since the 2.6-beta10-hzoli10.1 release.  In the
distribution the file README.hzoli describes most of the fixed bugs and the
new features compared to beta10.  I had no time to update it so it is the
same as in hzoli10.1.

Here are the changes since hzoli10.1:

Fri Jul 14 1995

- glob.c cleanups to remove a goto and reduce memory usage (202)

- in Misc/compctl-examples the recommended way to get the list of grous is
  changed since after the glob.c fix it does not use too much memory.

- In exec.c a quite serious bug is fixed which caused oops. message when
  process substitution was used (e.g. cat =(echo foo)).

Mon Jul 17 1995

- REC_EXACT bugfix from Zefram (207)

- A fix for Sven's old fignore fixes from Wayne (213)

- print builtin option fixes from Zefram (214)

- typeset -U now immediately removes duplicates from array

- Disable list-expand zle function inside braces etc. From Zefram (215)

- A cosmetic change: use '\b' istead of '\010' in zle_main.c.
  From Zefram (216)

- compctl fixes from Zefram (217)

- I forgot an assignment in hungetc when I hand-patched the new hist.c after
  Peter's input patches which caused an Oops. message.

Wed Jul 19 1995

- Make self-insert refuse the NUL character. From Zefram (238)

- compctl -X bugfixes from Zefram (240)

- Correctly parse $$ and handle terminating $ in dqparse.

Fri Jul 21 1995

- Completion on words containing quoted char's fix (250)

Mon Jul 24 1995

- Completion fix for lines inside a control structure (266)

- Various completion fixes and cleanups (267)

- LOGNAME non-special patch sent to the list (268)

- Fix inserting characters at the first part of a wraped line from Wayne (252)

- More special parameter changes (269)

- Completion fixes for words beginning with ~ or =. From Zefram (241)

- vi mode fixes from Zefram (230)

- Allow prefix/suffix in xor'd completion. From Zefram (254)

- sh compatibility option: NO_MULTIOS. From Zefram (255, 260)

- Do not stop menucomp on where-is and describe-key-briefly. From Zefram (259)

- vi-forward-char beeps when it has to beep. From Zefram (258)

- Allow more than one line long status line (or minibuffer). From Zefram (256)

- Minibuffer fixes: more zle commands, long search strings... From Zefram (261)

- vi-quoted-insert and quoted-insert in minibuffers. From Zefram (262)

- make sure that vi-backward-kill-word doesn't delete past the beginning of
  the line. From Zerfam (263)

- execute-named-cmd fixes from Zefram (264)

- Several prompt mode changes (quoting) and fixes from Zefram (265)

Sat Jul 29 1995

- Fix inserting characters at the first part of a wraped line from Geoff
  (273). This patch includes the one line patch from Wayne (252).

Sun Jul 30 1995

- Auto correct bugfixes (280)

Wed Aug  2 1995

- Added -fwritable-strings to prevent core-dumps when complete-in-word is
  used to complete a builtin command. Suggested by Thorsten Meinecke (279)
  This works only for gcc and it is only a quick hack to make it work.

- Test for asm/signal.h for linux-1.3.xx. From Thorsten Meinecke (196)

- zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.2 released

Zoltan Hidvegi

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