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bug that's been bothering me for a while...

It seems that ~username expansion is broken under SunOS 4.1.x

pace1:uname -a                                                                ~
SunOS pace1.cts 4.1.3_U1 1 sun4m
pace1:zsh                                                                     ~
pace1:echo $VERSION                                                           ~
zsh 2.5.03
pace1:cd ~jfblankzsh: 3548 segmentation fault  zsh                            ~
pace1:           ^That's where I hit <TAB>
pace1:cd misc/tmp/zsh-2.6-beta10/Src                                          ~
pace1:./zsh                                       ~/misc/tmp/zsh-2.6-beta10/Src
pace1:echo $ZSH_VERSION                           ~/misc/tmp/zsh-2.6-beta10/Src
pace1:cd ~jfblankzsh: 3524 bus error  ./zsh       ~/misc/tmp/zsh-2.6-beta10/Src
pace1:           ^That's where I hit <TAB>

No matter where in my userID (or anyone else's) I hit <TAB>, this is what
happens.  (I remember it being OK in v2.2, BTW.)  This happens on systems
with 45 users as often as on a system with 650+ users, with username
caching or not, on sun4c or on sun4m.  Works fine under Solaris 2.4,
though.  I didn't see it in the BUGS file...is this a problem with
SunOS4/NIS or zsh?

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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author