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Re: Nasty bug in 2.6-beta10-hzoli10.2

Andy said:

<Since I don't have access to a 4.1.3 machine anymore I cant duplicate
<your problem.  But have you checked your signames.h file to make sure
<it is valid?  There is a bug in the configure script that a "grep -q ..."
<the "-q" must be removed, remove signames.h and reconfigure.  Don't know if 
<that will help.  I have no problems on Solaris 2.4.  The first time
<I ran configure I ignored the error messages and I had similar behavior
<running that binary until I removed the "-q".  Sometimes error messages pay
<off. :) :)

Well, I removed the signames.h file and did a reconfig.  I had already
patched the configure script so that it doesn't use grep -q.

Did a new make and installed.

Same crash.  I noticed that it doesn't crash if OpenWindows isn't running.

Hope this helps.  Meanwhile, I'm back on a previous version.

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