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Re: Nasty bug in 2.6-beta10-hzoli10.2


<> I've already sent you the lines involved in the configure script.  I'll bet
<> that the hand edit of the grep fix didn't work as you wanted.
<Yes, I've just had a closer look at the part of configure you sent and the
<problem is probably there.  Between the brackets there should be a space and a
<TAB and not just spaces.  If you pasted this line with a mouse than there are
<probably spaces in your configure.  I also checked sys/signal.h under SunOS
<4.1.2 and it does contains TABs in the relevant places so I'm almost sure that
<this is your problem.  Here under SunOS 4.1.2 configure successfully found
<sys/signal.h and I think that there is not too much difference between 4.1.2
<and 4.1.3.


Problem found.

Zoltan sent me a patch to fix the grep problem in the configure files.
Because I had never seen the patch file type that he sent me, I hand edited
the patches, using cut-n-paste.  Well, the grep line has <space><tab> in it,
which got converted to multiple <space>.

The new zsh works much better when the signames.h file is correct :-)

Thanks Zoltan.

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