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I made a hzoli10.3 release as many people had configure problems.  There are
not too many changes since hzoli10.2 so you do not necessarily have to upgrage
if you managed to configure and compile zsh and you do not have problems with
signals.  The only really important bugfix was from Zefram in article 295 but
if you normally use the list_ambiguous option you shouldn't worry about it.
If you still have problems with ^C interruption, ^Z suspension etc. check
Src/signames.h.  The SIGCOUNT macro should be about 30 or more.  If it is much
smaller on your system, then you probably have a broken nawk.  In this case
get gawk from a GNU mirror site, compile it, put it into your path, remove
config.cache and Src/signames.h and rerun configure.  Before trying gawk also
check that configure found the correct signal.h header on your system.  You
should see something like

checking where signal.h is located... /usr/include/sys/signal.h

near the end of the configure output (the filename can be different but if you
see /dev/null here, send a bug-report).

The sources are available in


The filenames:

-rw-r--r--    400940 Aug 14 19:20 zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.3-RCS.tar.gz
-rw-r--r--    129443 Aug 14 19:34 zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.3-diff.gz
-rw-r--r--    605269 Aug 14 19:29 zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.3.tar.gz

And here are the changes sine hzoli10.2:

Mon Aug  7 1995

- Do not use grep -q, redirect to /dev/null instead (289)

Tue Aug  8 1995

- Patch from Peter to prevent writing the builtin command names (293)

- Removed the -fwritable-strings kludge.

Wed Aug  9 1995

- An auto_list bugfix from Zefram (295)

Mon Aug 14 1995

- zsh-2.6-beta10-hzoli10.3 released

Zoltan Hidvegi

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