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Re: I'm on vacation!

> RC> I'm aheading out for vacation now and will be back
> RC> in a week.  Then I'm finish up beta11.
> It's been over three weeks since the last I heard from Richard. 
> Richard, are you there? Anyone know if he made it back? 

Yep, I'm back.  As soon as I got back, my boss went on vacation
for two weeks, so I've been fairly busy.

I started back working on zsh about four or five days ago and have been
making some good progress.  As I mentioned before, I've been working
on splitting the cmdnamtab hash table into three different hash
tables (cmdnamtab, builtintab, shfunctab).  This has resulted in much
cleaner code in many places as well as some potential speedups.  This
has been a much bigger job than I expected (isn't it always!) so the
next beta is taking much longer than I expected.  But the new code
seems pretty clean, so I think it will be worth the work.

I realize that everyone is anxious for beta11.  Probably in about a week
or two I will start making test releases.  With all the changes I've
made, we will dip back to alpha status for a short period of time.
But that shouldn't last too long.

One problem is that I've been doing so much work on my own changes that
I'm about a million (feels like it anyway) patches behind.  But it
shouldn't take too long to catch up since the changes I'm making seem
to be somewhat independent of things other people are working on.

Richard Coleman

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