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vmemorysize reported by limit wrong?

According to the help docs:

$ run-help limit
       limit [ -h ] [ resource [ limit ] ] ...
       limit -s
              Limit the resource consumption of the current shell
              and its children.  If limit is not specified, print
              the current limit placed on resource; otherwise set
              the limit to the specified value.  If the  -h  flag
              is  given,  use hard limits instead of soft limits.
              If no resource is given, print all limits.

              resource is one of:
                     Maximum amount of virtual memory.

but, according to our sysadmin (who may or may not be in error --
see attached) the value reported for virtual memory by limit is
incorrect. He insists there is no such limit on this system:

	$ uname -a
	SunOS revelle 5.3 Generic_101318-70 sun4m sparc

Anyone have the definitive scoop on this for Solaris? Is the value
reported by limit correct?


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From: cjh@xxxxxxxxxxxx (CJ Herman)
Subject: Re: memory
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 1995 13:39:27 -0600
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You wrote:

   cputime         unlimited
   filesize        unlimited
   datasize        2047MB
   stacksize       8MB
   coredumpsize    0kB
   descriptors     64
   vmemorysize     16MB

The memory limit set is for mapped memory (RSS) not virtual.  In any case,
this limit is only enforced when the system low on real memory.  Ie. if
other processes don't need it, there is no reason that a particular 
process can't grab all of the real memory.

				- C.J.

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