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Hello there!

Because I didn't like the behaviour of the bash in vi-mode, I recently
tried the zsh-2.5.03. It was _much_ better!
And the new features... perfect work guys! :-) 

Unfortunately I found a (serious?) bug, which caused me stopping the use
of zsh. If I type in a line and do a ``cw'' with a more-than-one-char
new expression and then try to repeat that change immediately with `.'
before zsh updated the line, zsh hangs in an infinite loop allocating
lots of memory and when I interrupt it with ``Ctrl-C'' it dumps a core.

It seems to be a problem with the typeahead... ?

So I tried 2.6-beta10 and found out that repeating a ``cw'' doesn't work
anymore... It behaves like a bash in vi-mode. :-[ (only a littlebit
vi-like) Do you intend to implement a real vi-mode for it?

I compiled the zsh-2.5.03 just by a automatic ./buildzsh on

DEC alpha AXP OSF/1 V2.0
PC i586 Linux (Kernel 1.2.11)
Sun SunOS 4.1.3
IBM RS/6000 AIX 3.2.5

On a 
mips RISC/os (UMIPS) 4.52B
it needed a littlebit more work, but was not too difficult. If you are 
interested in a patch I will send it to you upon request.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance, Tom.

`` The best way to accelerate a DOOF/WINDOOF-PC is at 9.81 m/s^2 '' ;)

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author