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Re: Solaris 2.x

ken@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Ken Moorley) wrote:
>Please excuse my ignorance, but would someone please advise if the following
>paragraph from the zsh FAQ means that this option will NEVER be available
>under Solaris 2.x or may be developed in a future version ?

No, the important sentence in the paragraph you quoted is the following:

>  Make sure you compile without any reference to /usr/ucblib in (e.g.) your

I use zsh on many Solaris 2.x (SunOS 5.x) machines each day.  All it really
means is that anyone compiling programs on SunOS 5 platforms needs to limit
as much as possible (preferably to nil) all references to the libraries and
commands found in the UCB compatibility packages.

What commands you do use from the UCB compatibility packages, I suggest you
merely alias to refer to them by full path or merely use full path such as
(e.g.) /usr/ucb/renice or /usr/ucb/install.

In fact, for developers, it is best to compile (and test!) all programs
that are to be installed as publicly available with no LD_LIBRARY_PATH set
whatsoever.  This guarantees that any user, no matter how minimal their
environment will be able to execute that program.


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