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Re: chpwd bug?

@>> 	/calm/*)  echo "^Z//${NODENAME}:/ccview/norton_hari_vu/${PWD}";;
@>> it does not work, nothing gets echoed at all...
@>this may turn out not to be anything to do with the problem, but that
@>was a real control-z in your original post (I've changed it: anyone
@>reading this message on a DOS system???): it might be better if you
@>changed the echo to print and the literal ^Z to "\C-z" (exactly those
@>four keystrokes).  I've seen non-printing characters do curious

Actually, i think i figured out the problem and it has nothing to
do with zsh, as i mentioned in my post earlier, in the case it doesn't
work the echo'ed string looked like this:
with two slashes, actually it turned out that emacs when it sees
two consecutive slashes, it ignores everything before it and assumes the
start of another fully qualified pathname, that is why it just recognized
just "/calm/repl", hope this is clear, in any case, my problem is resolved
and it is not a bug of any program!


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