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Re: problem with zsh

> i have downloaded and compiled the latest version of
> zsh (2.5.03) on several machines. it is running fine
> on four sgis ( with irix versions from 4 to 5 ).
> unfortunately, i had serious problems running it on
> a titan running 'TitanOS UNIX Release 4.2 P2 on 3000 Series'.
> it compiled fine with bunch of warnings ( as i was warned of ).
> the problem is that filename generation is acting very strangely.
> problems:
> 1) when i first run zsh ( starting from a csh ), it changes
> to the root directory.
> 2) when i try 'ls -d a*' in a directory which contains
> the following files:
>  ammar  run.1  run.2  temp
> i get these messages:
> amma: No such file or directory
> amtables: No such file or directory
> authority: No such file or directory

A couple of things.

1) The zsh mailing list is now broken into 3 mailing lists.

   You sent your message to the old zsh-list mailing list,
   which gets forwarded to zsh-workers.  You should probably
   use zsh-workers in the future.  Information about the various
   mailing lists is contained in the META-FAQ available on any of
   the zsh ftp sites.

2) I would appreciate if you would try to compile the latest beta
   release (beta10 with beta11 due in the next week or so) on this
   machine.  If necessary, I can make you a snapshot of the latest
   baseline source.  Although 2.5.03 is the latest production release,
   no more versions or upgrades for this particular version will be
   released.  The next production release will be 3.00, so we should
   make sure the latest beta compiles on this machine.

3) You shouldn't worry too much about it being a beta release.  Although
   it has plenty of bugs, I think it is as least as stable as 2.5.03.
   It is also considerably more portable.

Richard Coleman

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