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Strange behaviour with Zsh 2.6-beta9


I'm having strange problems with zsh. I have been tinkering around with 
my .zshrc and with this setup (Included as a whole. I dunno where to look 
for the problem... :( )

cd doesnotexist

results in a logout. I don't like that....

I did change nothing to the distribution, I only changed the place for 
the signals.h because the name of all signals was moved to 
.../asm/signals.h somewhere in the 1.3.* release of the kernel.

System: Linux gizmo 1.3.14 #1 Thu Aug 3 09:25:56 MET DST 1995 i486
Compiler: gcc 2.7.0

--- .zshrc included below.
export PROMPT="%B%m%b:%~> "
export RPROMPT="Exit:%? %Btty%l%b:%T"
export CVSROOT=/usr/Master

# Search path for the cd command
cdpath=(.. ~ ~/src ~/zsh)

alias ls='ls -o'
alias l='ls -l'
alias la='ls -a'
alias ll='ls -al'
alias md='mkdir'
alias rd='rmdir'

bindkey "\E[1~" beginning-of-line
bindkey "\E[4~" end-of-line
bindkey "\E[3~" delete-char

setopt allexport appendhistory autocd autopushd
setopt autoremoveslash csh_junkie_history
setopt err_exit nobeep nolistbeep
setopt pushd_ignore_dups pushd_silent pushd_to_home
setopt no_hup notify
setopt globdots correct cdablevars autolist
setopt correctall recexact longlistjobs
setopt autoresume histignoredups noclobber
setopt extendedglob rcquotes
unsetopt bgnice autoparamslash

# Use hard limits, except for a smaller stack and no core dumps
limit stack 8192
limit core 10000000
limit -s

umask 022

# Set up aliases
alias mv='nocorrect mv'       # no spelling correction on mv
alias cp='nocorrect cp'       # no spelling correction on cp
alias mkdir='nocorrect mkdir' # no spelling correction on mkdir
alias j=jobs
alias pu=pushd
alias po=popd
alias d='dirs -v'
alias h=history
alias grep=egrep

# List only directories and symbolic
# links that point to directories
alias lsd='ls -ld *(-/)'

# List only file beginning with "."
alias lsa='ls -ld .*'

# Shell functions
setenv() { export $1=$2 }  # csh compatibility

# Filename suffixes to ignore during completion
fignore=(.o .c~ .old .pro)

# Hosts to use for completion
hosts=(`hostname` ftp.math.gatech.edu prep.ai.mit.edu wuarchive.wustl.edu)

# Set prompts
# Some environment variables
export MAIL=/var/spool/mail/$USERNAME
export LESS=-cex3M
export HELPDIR=/usr/lib/zsh/help  # directory for run-help function to find docs


watch=(notme)                   # watch for everybody but me
LOGCHECK=300                    # check every 5 min for login/logout activity
WATCHFMT='%n %a %l from %m at %t.'

# Set/unset  shell options
unhash p

# Setup some basic programmable completions.  To see more examples
# of these, check Misc/compctl-examples in the zsh distribution.
compctl -g '*(/)' rmdir dircmp
compctl -j -P % -x 's[-] p[1]' -k signals -- kill
compctl -j -P % fg bg wait jobs disown
compctl -A shift
compctl -caF type whence which
compctl -F unfunction
compctl -a unalias
compctl -v unset typeset declare vared readonly export integer
compctl -e disable
compctl -d enable

# Some nice key bindings
#bindkey '^X^Z' universal-argument ' ' magic-space
#bindkey '^X^A' vi-find-prev-char-skip
#bindkey '^Z' accept-and-hold
#bindkey -s '\M-/' \\\\
bindkey -s '\M-=' \|

# bindkey -v             # vi key bindings

bindkey -e               # emacs key bindings
bindkey ' ' magic-space  # also do history expansino on space

--- end of included file

  \ /\   +----------------------+
  ( )    | Erwin J. van Eijk    |
_( * )_	 | wabbit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx |

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