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Re: problem with 8-bit chars?

>> On Fri, 06 Oct 1995 11:54:30 -0400,
>> Vinnie Shelton(V) wrote:
V> In message <8075.9510061512@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
V> P.Stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>> 1) I sent the reply by mistake just to Zoltan again.  I do that every
>> time I've been away from the keyboard for a while.

V> Richard, can we please fix this?  I would much rather see replies default
V> go to the entire list.

I have to say that I hated this at first, too, but now I think it
makes some sense.

Doesn't your mail reader make a distinction between `reply' and
`follow-up'? I use VM, which does, and replies go only to the author,
while follow-ups go to all recipients. VM also makes it easy to filter
yourself out of the latter operation. Of course, this latter operation
could also send duplicates to those on the list not using procmail.

Or is Peter saying that the problem is that this behavior is not like
most (is that true?) other mail lists (where replies do go to the
list)? So he subconsciously reaches for the reply button because it's

Anyway, I think this distinction is useful, but it's not a
make-or-break thing for me. I guess I tried to add 2 cents, but it
wound up being 1/20th of 1 cent. :-).


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