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reply behavoir for zsh's mailing lists

> >1) I sent the reply by mistake just to Zoltan again.  I do that every
> >time I've been away from the keyboard for a while.
> Richard, can we please fix this?  I would much rather see replies default
> go to the entire list.

I must say that personally I wouldn't mind that default replies go to
the list.  But there is actually another reason for not doing this.
Some (broken) auto-reply programs will actually remove some of the mail
headers when they send an automatic reply.  If it removes the X-loop
line, then SmartList (mailing list manager I use) has no way of detecting
a loop and hence sends it out to the list.  This cascading action of
mail messages would crash my mail server before I even knew anything
was happening.  Since many people are now using auto-reply programs
and mail robots, I think I should play it safe.

This was recently discussed on the SmartList mailing list and the
consensus seems to be that having default replies go to the list is
asking for disaster.

Richard Coleman

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