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Re: behaviour with rsh

Carlos Carvalho wrote:
> Hi folks,
> This is with 2.6-beta10-hzoli10.3 on linux.
> I used this command to open windows on other machines (line break for
> readability):
> rsh -n <target machine> -- exec /usr/local/X11R5/bin/xterm
> -d <my machine>$DISPLAY -ls -T $1 '<&- >&- 2>&-'
> The idea is to close the file descriptors so that rsh exits. In old
> releases this command leaves absolutely no processes in the <my
> machine>, and in the <target machine> the only ones are xterm and zsh.
> With the above release the rsh now remains, and if I kill it the
> window of the <target machine> is closed. How can I get the old
> behaviour back?

It works for me.  I did an rsh from a Solaris-2.4 box to a linux-1.2.13
(Slackware-elf-beta), and the rsh command retured immediately, and there were
no processes left in either side except the xterm.  I did

% rsh -n bolyai 'exec xterm -d :0 <&- >&- 2>&-'

But it worked without the -n as well.

zsh version on the Solaris box is beta11-test7-hzoli11, and on the target (the
Linux machine) it is beta10-hzoli10.3.

I also tried rsh from one Linux to an other and it also worked.


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