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Re: beta11-test9 available for testing

> > Shit, I forgot which files i have to touch, will have to find out again...
> Sorry about that.  I never do a make in the top directory, that's why I always
> forget it.  Also I do not have autoconf (I was too lazy to get it).  For those
> having such problems, just do a `touch configure' in the main zsh directory.
> I repacked the tar.gz source with correct dates.  The only change is the date
> of configure, so do not download it if you already have it.  The file changed
> is:
> -rw-r--r--  616509 Oct 11 09:01 zsh-2.6-beta11-test9-hzoli11.tar.gz
> If you use the patch to vanilla test9, you will probably have similar
> problems, but I do not repack the patch file.

There are two things I could do.  The first is put in a Makefile target
so that "make touch" will touch all the right files in the right order.
The second is add some code to the "make dist" code so that when I
make a distribution, it comments out the Makefile dependencies for
configure.  That way if a patch changes configure or configure.in, then
it will not try to run autoconf or autoheader.

Hmm...  I think I like the second option.  I'll try to work on it
later this week.

Richard Coleman

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author