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Re: [[ str == pat ]] ?

>  Zoltan> My ksh manual from Solaris 5.4 (Last change: 3 Aug 1993) does
>  Zoltan> not mention this, but I tried the ksh here, and it accepted
>  Zoltan> the == syntax.

Many things that were not documented until ksh-93 made their way into the
minor ksh88 releases. ksh88i is pretty recent, so it's not suprising that
it's there. I bet if you try the ksh on Ultrix (pure original ksh88,
not even ksh88a) it won't be there.

The card that GB talks about documents things as being in both if they
were in the early ksh88 versions too, even if undocumented. E.g., the
$((...)) math syntax was in ksh88 from the start, but undocumented; since
it's there, the card has it in black (== both versions). cd -P and cd -L
are that way too. No other examples spring to mind.

I actually got ksh93, it's doc, and a draft of the new ksh book before it
was printed while working on the card. It took all of that to make the
card complete. It was a lot of work, but worth it.

There might be a market for a zsh ref card. If someone is seriously interested,
let me know, I can make the connections.


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