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Re: Building zsh for multiple platforms

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> I just tried out the trick of making a fresh directory for a new platform
> target and then running /path/to/zsh-sources/configure from the new dir.
> That seemed to work fine, so I ran "make", which also worked fine except
> that it put the final "zsh" executable in /path/to/zsh-sources/Src/zsh,
> stomping on the build I already had there.
> Seems to me it ought to put the executable in the same place that it puts
> the object files.  Why is GNU make using the VPATH to determine the target
> directory for the executable?

I think GNU make just finds that there is a zsh bin in the target dir, and
puts the binary there.  I usually make all of my binaries in a separate
directory.  This does not pollute the source dir with .o, .pro etc. files, and
this way it is easier to pack a release.  But if you have a bin in the source
dir you can force make to compile into the destination dir by creating an
empty zsh file in the destination dir before doing a make.  Make will find it,
and will put the result there.


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