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Re: behaviour with rsh

Zoltan Hidvegi (hzoli@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote on 17 October 1995 22:14:

 >> Zoltan wrote:
 >> >I think this is not zsh specific.
 >> I think it is.  zsh ought to be able to hide a child in a way which allows
 >> the rsh to exit.  Maybe other shells are broken too. But so what? Also I
 >> think, as Carlos says, that it used to work.
 >> Running  rsh blaa "sh -c whatsit &"  is a horrible hack, and shouldn't be
 >> necessary.
 >I've just made zsh my login shell in the yp database, and tested
 >this problem.
 >rsh foo 'xterm -display bar:0 >&- 2>&- <&-'
 >returned the prompt in almost all cases.  The only exception is when I rsh'd
 >to an Ultrix machine, but only when the originating machine was not Linux.

I tested from linux to a sun 4.1.2 and it doesn't return. From the sun
to linux it works fine, both with hzoli10.3.

Before zsh used to close file descriptors until 10. It was a hidden
compile option. Why was it removed? I remember Duncan changed it a
long time ago, but didn't suppress it, I think.


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