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Re: "Watch" function?

> I asked about this a *long* time ago, and heard nothing, so I'll forward the
> idea again and see if it flies.
> Instead of/in addition to being able to specify a format string for the
> "watch" facility, how hard would it be to have a special function which, if
> defined, would be called whenever the "watch" facility "saw" someone
> login/logout?  (Akin to precmd(), periodic(), chpwd(), etc.)
> My thought is to pop up a Perl/Tk window when someone logged in, rather than
> just printing it in the xterm.
> Does this sound do-able?  Would anyone even use it?  (Other than me, of
> course.)

I meant to reply to this earlier but got sidetracked.  Having zsh execute
a shell function at this point is easy.  The hard part is passing all the
information that you can access in WATCHFMT to this shell function.  We
would probably have to create more special parameters to do this.  I'm
not sure if it is worth it.

Richard Coleman

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