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Re: behaviour with rsh

Carlos Carvalho writes:
>Before zsh used to close file descriptors until 10. It was a hidden
>compile option. Why was it removed? I remember Duncan changed it a
>long time ago, but didn't suppress it, I think.

I can't remember my exact involvement in this, but the behaviour
of rsh and various shells is one area where I have too much
knowledge, and probably too strong opinions.

Of course, the *complete* solution to this problem is to use
my "rxx" program, available from 

Now, my particular feeling was that although the "close fds 3-10"
solution fixes the problem, it is not an ideal solution in the
case when you happen to want to pass a file descriptor to zsh.
(This must have been my ammendment - the if test to see if it
is a "zsh -c" command.)

Ideally, what we want is a test to see if we are running under
rsh, and then do the close-fds.  I remember promising such a
while ago, but never got round to it.  I'll think more about it
this week.

More vague recollections on demand,


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