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Re: problem with emacs-forward-word on sun's

> I compiled 2.6-beta11-test9-hzoli11 on a sun 4.1.2 with sun's acc,
> using option -fast. On an xterm opened from linux closing all fd's,
> emacs-forward-word doesn't work, it does nothing. I have it bound to
> '^s'.

You cannot bind ^s and ^q unless you set the NO_FLOW_CONTROL option, or change
the start/stop characters with stty.  Unfortunately I had some bad experiences
with NO_FLOW_CONTROL which is not related to zsh.  If NO_FLOW_CONTROL is on
and I log in using PPP via modem and issue a command which produces a long
output, the output stops after a while, waits for a few seconds and gives back
the prompt whithout printing the trailing part of the document.  This does not
happend without NO_FLOW_CONTROL.  It is possible that the bad motherboard of
the ppp server is responsible for the problem (the server is a Linux box, and
the kernel prints eth0: interrupted while interrupts are masked messages when
this happens, but it prints this message very often when there are no visible
problems and noonone uses ppp).


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