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Re: bindkey even worse

> This time, printbinding() is looking for a string to print out when it
> should be looking for a key name.

Well, not worse, just different :-)

Actually the original problem with printbinding() was that
the order of the parameters didn't match with scanhashtable().
This was causing every Key value for multi-character bindings
to appear to be NULL when printing from `bindkey'.  The last
patch you sent about this added a test to ignored NULL values.
This had the effect of not printing any of the multi-character
bindings.  I discovered this and fixed it, but somehow used
k->str instead of k->nam.  This probably happened since the
previous code passed in k->nam using the parameter `str'.
So the result was that it still core dumped, but for a
different reason.

I'm glad you found it, because `bindkey' finally works.


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