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beta11-test12-hzoli11 release

This new release is based on the latest test release from Richard.  It fixes
the infinite loop when magic-space is used after [[].

I rearranged the RCS revisions so that the most important bugfixes come first.

If you download and unpack my RCS distribution and execute Rcstools/important,
you will get a clean patch to the baseline test12 release which contains the
most important fixes (cca 150k).  The rcs distribution only contains the RCS
version of the changed files.  Unpack it in a directory which already contains
the vanilla beta11-test12 release and execute

co -f **/RCS/*(:s@RCS/@@:s/\,v//)

The file important.logs contains the revision numbers and the log messages of
the revisions which are included in the patch produced by Rcstools/important.
To get a list of all log messages execute Rcstools/logs **/RCS/*
The output is less verbose than the output from rlog (the later is too verbose
to be usable).

I changed my ftp site.  The new location is


And the files:

-rw-r--r--  385390 Nov  7 01:56 zsh-2.6-beta11-test12-hzoli11-RCS.tar.gz
-rw-r--r--  107447 Nov  7 02:00 zsh-2.6-beta11-test12-hzoli11-diff.gz
-rw-r--r--  623858 Nov  7 01:55 zsh-2.6-beta11-test12-hzoli11.tar.gz

The Hungarian academic network has a new 1 Mpbs link to Amsterdam.
Unfortunately the routers still do not know about this new line but hopefully
this will change in the near future which will make downloading easier.



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