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problems with zshall man page

i've just installed 2.6-beta11.  looks good so far, except for
problems with the zshall man page.

there are two things wrong with it, one of which is generic, and one
may be solaris (or svr4) specific.

1)  we include all the other man pages in zshall via lines like

    .so /usr/local/man/man1/zshmisc.1

    however, i set `prefix=/home/sam' when i do configure, so it
    should have changed this to

    .so /home/sam/man/man1/zshmisc.1

    poking around a little, i didn't see that the `make install.man'
    tried to substitute anything here; not surprising, since the man
    pages probably got to stay pretty static before now.

2)  the solaris man command relies on the `windex' file, which you
    build via `catman -w'.  however, catman apparently parses quite a
    bit of the man page to build the windex file.

    catman looks at these lines in zshall.1:

    .SH NAME
    zsh \- the Z shell

    however, when the solaris man command sees the results of this in
    windex, then it can't find zshall, so it'll say there's no such
    man page.

    i changed zshall.1 to look like this

    .SH NAME
    zshall \- entire Z shell man page

    and everything was fine.

everything else is looking good, though!  let me know if i can provide
more info.

- sam

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