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Re: bug in zsh 2.6 beta 11

> O.K., I can now confirm this... it's a classic exit-instead-of-_exit
> bug AGAIN --- I fixed this just a couple of months ago and the _exit I
> put into execcmd() has mysteriously vanished from the face of the
> earth.  (I'm pretty sure it was the same bug, apologies if it was
> something slightly different which became redundant.)  The subshell
> forked to do the `fix ...` was calling exit(), which messed up the
> files for the parent shell.  (This is going to cause apparently random
> inexplicable bugs on all sorts of SYSV-like machines until it's
> re-fixed.)

Well, the disappearance isn't mysterous.  I removed it when I changed
execcmd() to use the CFLAG_FAKE_EXEC flag.  That's why I was making
test releases so we could catch these types of bugs before the release.
But it appears no one tried it out.

Anyway, I'll probably make a beta11a in the next couple of days to
correct some of these problems.


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