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Zsh-2.6beta11: Zombies on Sparc 4-CPU machines

Dear "zsh-wokers" (whoever that may be ...):

I've been working with zsh for some time now and I feel
really comfortable with it. It does a great job!

However, I've got problems with any zsh version from 2.5.x (including
the latest 2.6beta11) running on Sun Sparc workstations (Solaris2.3 or 2.4),
especially on Sparc-20 machines with 4 CPUs:

When zsh is not terminated via a regular exit or logout
(but rather via killing an xterm window or a rlogin session remotely)
it hangs up as a "zombie" (I guess that's the reason to call it z-sh :-))
and consumes all of the CPU time in a kind of endless loop.
Sometimes the superuser can kill this process, but sometimes the
whole machine has to be restartet. This is really annoying!

Is this a known bug (or a feature) ??

I did a ./configure sparc-sun-solaris2.3
the make-ing and the installation of zsh went fine.

I followed the hints in FAQ to substitute the login csh by a login zsh
(via exec <path>/zsh -l) since I can not install zsh as root on our machines.

Currently I am setting the following options in my .zshrc:

set -o autolist -o automenu +o bgnice -o ignoreeof -o histignoredups \
	-o histnostore -o listambiguous +o markdirs -o menucomplete -o notify \
	-o pushdignoredups

What am I doing wrong here ??

Any answer will be greatly appreciated!

Thanx in advance!

Dr. Markus Roesch                          E-Mail: mar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   __o
SIEMENS AG, OEN TR EC 24                    Phone: +49-89-722-21895      _`\<,_
Hofmannstr. 51, D-81359 Munich, Germany_______Fax: +49-89-722-26768_____(_)/ (_)

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