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>>>>> "HA" == Heading, Anthony <heading_anthony@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> I've noticed that the beta-11 releases, when AUTO_PUSHD and
>> PUSHD_TO_HOME are set, `cd' doesn't swap the top two directories on
>> the stack, while `pushd' does.  Is this intended behavior, or a bug?
>> I couldn't find any reference to it in the ChangeLog.

HA> I've lost track of the baseline, but in Zoltan's releases the behaviour of
HA> cd/pushd/popd is largely defined by a patch of mine which I don't think
HA> has changed recently.  The intended (and, for me, the observed) behaviour
HA> is that with PUSHD_TO_HOME set neither cd nor pushd swap the top two dirs.
HA> Without PUSHD_TO_HOME, pushd swaps, but cd doesn't.

Yes, sorry.  I completely misstated the behavior I was seeing.  What
you describe is what I'm getting, and I am using one of Zoltan's

HA> After my patch, PUSHD_TO_HOME seems a fairly unnecessary option. I'd
HA> like to get rid of it.

However, I don't like the behaviour your patch produces.  I want cd to
be able to swap the top two dirs, just like pushd does.  After all,
the way I interpret AUTO_PUSHD is like the manual says: `Make cd act
like pushd.'

Obviously, it's not that big a deal; I can alias cd to pushd if I
want.  But if this is going to be the behavior of cd with AUTO_PUSHD
set, then it should be documented in zshoptions.1.


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