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Re: where history expansion fits in

> > I'm not in sync now with the latest beta.  I'll try to update as soon
> > as I have some time.
> Richard,  isn't it about time you integrated Zoltan's release?
> He's continually re-synching to you, which is a waste of his time.
> I (and probably many others) am now using Zoltan's code exclusively, and
> do not bother with your releases.  This means that you are not getting
> the breadth of testers that I suspect you would like.
> I fail to see the problem with just moving the baseline over to Zoltan's
> beta-12 release when he creates it.

I've been integrating some of it.  But he has stopped submitting
patches for any of it.  And I've been too busy to go through his

As I've said before, I'm very systematic about how I integrate
in changes.  I've been able to improve or cleanup many of the
patches that other people have submitted.  If I just `accepted'
other people changes without looking through them, we wouldn't
have made the progress that we've made.  Take a look through the
code for 2.5.03 and compare it with beta12.

But to be honest, I'm tired of people raising hell at me about
how I do things.  I've been working on zsh about 20+ hours a week
for over 4 months now.  I've worked hard to improve things and make
zsh more than just a `hackers shell' that is full of bugs and
developed in a completely unsystematic way.  What the development
of zsh needs is discipline, not speed.

But if other people think they can do a better job, I'm willing to
step aside and let someone else take over.  There are plenty of other
software projects I could work on.


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