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Possible zsh 2.6.11 bug

Hello. Sorry for not bothering to use your report form, but I think this is
so obvious and reproducible it doesn't need much explanation.
Just for the record, I'm using a linux, kernel version 1.3.37.
There is a difference in parameter expansion between the 2.6.11 version
of zsh and older versions (and other similar shells as well).
Here is a session transcript that illustrates it:

-------------------  Transcript begins  ----------------------------

root# /bin/zsh
root# echo $VERSION
zsh 2.4.306 beta
root# p="" ; echo ${p:-}

root# exit
root# zsh-2.6-beta11/Src/zsh
root# echo $ZSH_VERSION
root# p="" ; echo ${p:-}
root# exit

------------------   Transcript ends  --------------------------------

I am using a shell function I made up to navigate between directories,
and, after some work, I managed to make it work with different ksh's, 
bash and zsh, but what you see above is a difference between the last 
beta version of zsh I compiled and all the other shells' behavior. 
I don't know whether it is a bug, a feature or something that just 
sneaked in in your code, but report it here for your information.


Ricard Torres                           e-mail: ricard@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Department of Economics                 Phones:              
Campus Montilivi                        (34-72) 41 80 32  (fax)       
Universitat de Girona                   (34-72) 41 87 32  (office)       
17071 Girona, Spain                     (34-72) 22 44 83  (home)    

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