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Problem with completion listing

There seems to be a problem when attemtping to list commands via
delete-char-or-list.  I type in the first couple of letters of the
command, and press ^D.  It lists the possible completions, then I hit
Tab (expand-or-complete), and the cursor is taken up to the line
previous.  The line editor can be reset with ^C.  After this happens,
I don't even need to hit Tab, but it will display the same behavior.

I just noticed this in beta11-test9-hzoli11, and found that it was
still in beta12.

Unfortunately, it doesn't display this behavior all the time.  You
have to keep trying for a while to get it to show up.  Once you do
get it, however, it keeps on showing up every time you try it.

My machine is linux (kernel 1.3.32, libc 5.0.9, ncurses 1.9.4).
Relevant options might be: completeinword, globcomplete, menucomplete.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author