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Re: problems with $WATCH / $WATCHFMT

> the second problem is the one about installing zsh on dec alpha running 
> osf/1 v3.x ....
> after reading the FAQ and doing as it says about copying ypclnt.h and 
> altering the yp_all() signature's third parameter; i still get errors 
> concerning the zle_tricky.c call to yp_all();
> i eventually altered the call from within zle_tricky.c ....
> from:
>     yp_all(domain, PASSWD_MAP, &cb);
> to:
>     yp_all(domain, PASSWD_MAP, cb);
> it compiles and runs ok now. i havent tested it fully.
> ( - but it hasnt crashed as yet...)
> is the change i made valid/correct?

No it isn't.  The FAQ says that you should not change zle_tricky.c.  If it
compiles after your change it means that you did not change the header file.
The correct prototype for yp_all is

extern int yp_all(char *, char *, struct ypall_callback *);

That's what the faq says.  zle_tricky.c is correct.  Fix
/usr/inclide/rpcsvc/ypclnt.h.  If you do not have root privileges ask your
sysadmin to do it.  Or you may create an rpcsvc subdirectory in the zsh
directory and place the fixed ypclnt.h there (I did not try it but it should

I think that should be mentioned in the FAQ.



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author