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Strange behaviour in zsh-2.5.03


I'm running zsh version 2.5.03 on a Sun SparcStation 4 w/ Solaris 2.4.

I have a shell function called "lpr" that acts as a front-end to
/usr/ucb/lpr. It lets me specify the printer I want in a "localised"
fashion: -Pf and -Pc stand for fax-room printer and coffee-room
printer, respectively. Unfortunately, it fails in a mysterious manner.

The function looks like this:

    function lpr()
        local printer=${PRINTER:-your_default_printer}
        local passthru=
        while [[ $# -gt 0 ]]
            case "$1" in
                -Pc | -PC | -Pps3ac )
                    printer=ps3ac           # c for coffee-room
                -Pf | -PF | -Pps3d )
                    printer=ps3d            # f for fax-room
                -P )
                    $[2]=$1$2               # turn -P prn into -Pprn
                * )
                    passthru="$passthru $1"
        command lpr -P${printer} ${passthru}    # this doesn't work!

(Comments on shell-programming style welcome.)

The last line is the one that fails: if I try to print a file (e.g
lpr -Pc foobar.ps) I get the response "lpr: cannot access foobar.ps".

However, if I prepend the whole line with an echo, I get the expected
result on stdout: "command lpr -Pps3ac foobar.ps". And if I replace
the echo with eval, turning the line into

    eval command lpr -P${printer} ${passthru}

everything works fine: no complaints at all and foobar.ps appears on
the printer.

Any explanation for this? Is is a bug? Is it already fixed in



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