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Zsh Copyright


I am a zsh fan, although I'm not subscribed to this list so I'd appreciate a
private response.

I have a question about the copyright status of Zsh, because I would like to
redistribute a prepackaged version of the software in both source and binary
form for the Debian/GNU Linux project. In order to be included, the software
must be able to be freely modified and redistributed without restriction.
Anyone must be able to make copies of it, modify it, redistribute it with
their modifications in place, include it on a CD-ROM, or generally sell it.

Debian GNU/Linux includes hundreds of software packages, including most GNU
software, TeX, and the X Window System. Each package is an independent and
modular unit, in that it is not associated with any particular release of the
complete system or distribution scheme. Anyone can create their own packages
and even upload them to be made available with the distribution or as a part
of the distribution. Since Zsh is such a cool shell, I'd really like to make a
Debian package for it.

The only copyright information I've been able to find for Zsh is the

  This software is Copyright 1992 by Paul Falstad

  Permission is hereby granted to copy, reproduce, redistribute or otherwise
  use this software as long as: there is no monetary profit gained
  specifically from the use or reproduction of this software, it is not
  sold, rented, traded or otherwise marketed, and this copyright notice is
  included prominently in any copy made.

  The author make no claims as to the fitness or correctness of this software
  for any use whatsoever, and it is provided as is. Any use of this software
  is at the user's own risk.

Is this the current, correct copyright that applies to the entire Zsh
distribution? If so, it mentions nothing about the ability to redistribute
modified versions of the software, and it appears explicitly to forbid
charging a fee to receive the software. I fear this may limit my ability to
include Zsh in Debian Linux distributions.

Would the current Zsh copyright holder(s) agree to attach the following
addendum to their copyright in order to allow Zsh to be distributed with the
Debian system?

  The copyright statement below is addended for the Debian system:
  This program may be sold as a component of the Debian Linux
  distribution or a Linux distribution derived from the Debian
  Linux distribution. If it is distributed in binary form, the
  source code must be included in the distribution as well.
  End of addendum.

Any information or advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated!


Robert Leslie

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