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Re: couple of zsh features

At 10:07 Uhr 08.12.1995, Bas V. de Bakker wrote:
> Matt Liggett <mliggett@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > I can tell what's what, but it could save me the odd 0.75 second here
> > or there when I'm scanning up to find the command.
> But there is a way to do this.  Put an escape sequence in your prompt
> to make the text boldface, red, blinking, whatever your terminal can
> handle.  Then set the POSTEDIT variable to the sequence that resets
> this feature.

Quite the best way to find out where the last command was typed! But on
some (elderly) terminals this might not work - they don't have colours,
blinking, bold or even inverse! There is a solution too: just print a line
containing some 80 characters all the same:

Like the above! I do this to find my way inbetween commands and there
output - expecialy when using terminal emulators. Most of them don't even
have inverse.

-- Thomas

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