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Re: where, oh where, has our maintainer gone?

At 11:05 +0300, 08 Jan. 1998, Andrej Borsenkow <borsenkow.msk@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Is there any chance to access articles by number? It is very often, that
> somebody writes "it was done in article number ####" - but how should I
> find it (without keeping the whole archive, which I cannot afford).

You can have the list server send them to you by sending a message like:

--- Begin example message ---
To: zsh-workers-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: archive

get latest/1234
get latest/2345 latest/?
egrep archive latest/*
--- End example message ---

This would return (in separate messages) the archive instructions;
messages 1234, 2345, and 1-9; and the output of grepping for "archive"
in all the messages.

Just remember to send it to the -request address, not the list.

Aaron Schrab     aaron@xxxxxxxxxx      http://www.execpc.com/~aarons/
 I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the demigodic party.
   -- Dennis Ritchie

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