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Re: zsh-3.1.2-zefram3 - first experience

Andrej Borsenkow wrote:
>Oops!! I totally forgot, that libzsh.so is not installed when I do
>make install :-( 

Ah yes, I forgot about that too.  libzsh isn't required on any of the
platforms I've ever built zsh on.

>  1. libzsh.so *must* be installed. I think, it was on Zoltan's to do
>     list ...

Aside: everyone's talking about Zoltan in the past tense.  I forget to
mention it yesterday, but he did answer the ping that I cced to the list.
He says he no longer has sufficient time to work on zsh, but he does
plan to make at least one more release.

>  2. There must be a way for several dynamic ZSH versions to coexist. It 
>     can be done in (at least) two ways:

The modules themselves are fine -- they have been installed in a
version-dependent directory from day one.  (See, I learn from other
people's mistakes.)  libzsh needs a version number in its name.

>     - easy and portable :)
>         just build (and link with) libzsh.x.y.z.so instead of libzsh.so
>         It will run on every system which supports shared libraries


>BTW this version defaults to -O -g compiler options and -s linker option.
>I would expect developer version to not be stripped, and -O -g doesn't
>work with most compilers.

Huh?  autoconf likes to use "-O -g", but the zsh configuration overrides
that, so zsh will never default to using both -O and -g.  You must have
specified that explicitly by exporting CFLAGS to the configure script.
As for -s, this is used by default if you do not enable debugging.
Again, you can override that in the environment.


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