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Re: PATCH: $(LIBZSH) installation

On Fri, 16 Jan 1998, Andrew Main wrote:

> The linking with $(LIBZSH) is the way Andrej suggested, but also
> using an extra -R option to tell the dynamic linker where $(LIBZSH)
> will be installed.  (Are there any platforms that use libzsh but don't
> support -R?)

Yep. SVR4 (at least this particular flavor I have). Actually, if you just
link against $(LIBZSH) $(LIBS), zsh will look for *this partucular name*
(be it libzsh-$VERSION).so or for that matter libzsh.so.$(VERSION)), so
you can just drop it in the standard place (it won't conflict with old
version anyway).

Standard way to fo it on SVR4 is to set LD_RUN_PATH:

LD_RUN_PATH=$(libdir)/zsh $(LD) ...

cf. Perl :-) 

> The filename used for the library is changed to libzsh-$(VERSION).so,
> from libzsh.so.$(VERSION).

See above. It looks, like it actually doesn't matter (*.so needed only for
-l flag).

> libzsh is installed and uninstalled with (un)install.bin.  There is no
> need to separate it from installation of the actual binary, as each
> is useless without the other.

Hmmm ... When building a new (test) version I won't like to overrided my
(login and so far favorite) shell. I would really prefer to install mods
and lib (to avoid fiddling with LD_LIBRARY_PATH/module_path) and just
start new shell from build dir.

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