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Re: Completion on cd

On Feb 1,  6:12pm, borsenkow.msk@xxxxxx wrote:

> On Sun, 1 Feb 1998, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> > I tracked the problem down to this line:
> > 
> > compctl -Tx 'C[0,*/*]' -f - 's[~]' -k users -S/ \
>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Yep. -T applies *before* anything else, and you just told it, that */*
> must complete all files.  I am curious, if 'cd dir1/dir2/xTAB' works
> correctly (that is, if pattern doesn't descend :-)

Yes, I didn't think about the '-f' bit and */* matching anything with a
slash in it when I took the completion out the manual. I don't
understand what you mean by the last sentence. I think the answer is
that it does work correctly.
> You would be probably better off by using -D flag. It allows you to
> override it on per-command/per-argument basis and still be applied in
> default case. In most cases it should be the same as you have, with
> exception that -/ will work :-)

I don't think that the -D flag would be better. I would then have to
program the alternative '~' expansion in for every command. Also, the -T
flags operates when completing the command itself if I run a command in
a user's directory.

> > There may well be a problem with this though it seems to work and I
> > can't see any nasty suprises but I would strongly suggest that the
> > manual is changed so that nobody else has this problem. 
> Sorry, in which respect? Manual *does* say, that -T is default applied
> before anything else. 

I meant that there might be a problem with my new compctl not with zsh
itself. I don't think there is though. I was thinking that there might
be some other respect where my compctl would interfere with some other
intended completion to give undesired results as I found to be the case
for the original compctl which is an example in the manual. 

Another compctl problem I've had is with a compctl I'm trying to
construct for lynx based on one I have working under tcsh:

The following does not work as I would expect:
compctl -x 's[file:/]' -/g '*.html' -W '/' -- lynx

The problem seems to occur with the slash character as this does work
as expected (although it doesn't do anything useful):
compctl -x 's[file:]' -/g '*.html' -W '/' -- lynx

(As does 's[file:]' -S/ -s '`pwd`' which is the useful completion 
of 'file:' only).

Oliver Kiddle

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