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Re: terminal parameter changed problem

Paul Lew wrote:
> Is there a fix for the terminal parameter changed problem?  Some of the
> terminal parameters got turned off after executing some commands, in
> particular, susp, dsusp, discard, quit, and lnext all got
> reset to <undef>.  This virtually shut down the job control ability.
> This has been reported before but I did not see a fix for it.
> Contraray to what has been reported before, these commands do not have
> to be backgrounded.

The previous advice given was to use 

ttyctl -f

to freeze the terminal.
However, as useful as this work-around is, it would be nicer to have a
so ...


provides the answer (included below).
This patch was for zsh 3.0.3 but I think that it should work for later
versions - although it's small enough to edit the file Src/jobs.c by

This patch doesn't appear to have made it into later versions of zsh,
it was only ever reported as a patch and slipped through the net when
versions were produced.

Patch for tty problem:-

Here is Peter's patch:

*** ./Src/jobs.c.old Wed Jun 4 17:51:43 1997
--- ./Src/jobs.c Wed Jun 4 17:53:39 1997
*** 155,161 ****

! if (shout && !ttyfrozen && !jn->stty_in_env)

if (isset(MONITOR)) {
--- 155,161 ----

! if (shout && !ttyfrozen && !jn->stty_in_env && inforeground)

if (isset(MONITOR)) {

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